Best most intimidating dogs

Guardian breeds will bark to alert their master and to warn off an approaching animal, or human threat, prior to their interception of the trespasser.They are different from the smaller watchdogs in that they do not continue barking, they take action.The human shepherd would in many cases come to the guard dog's aid with a weapon, not letting the dog fend for itself.

If you do want an even bigger dog and don't mind one who slobbers, then consider: VI.You probably have always dreamed of getting a dog, but perhaps your mother didn’t allow you, or your brother was allergic.Well, now might be the perfect time to get a furry best friend.Most families do not actually want a dog that will attack, they want one that will alert them to danger. The truth of the matter is most dogs will bark and alert you that there may be a trespasser.Even the Labrador who makes it on to virtually every top ten list of the world’s worst guard dogs (often number one), will bark to alert you of a possible trespasser.

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