Long distance dating advice

Well, it becomes a little harder when you’re thousands of kilometres apart.

However not only are long distance relationships doable – and worth it – there are actually some benefits (yes, really).

If you’re prone to suspecting your other half is cheating, or lying to you, then you’ll need a serious attitude change before you get into an LDR.

It’s hard if you’ve been hurt in the past but remember that unless you have a real reason to think your partner is cheating on you, if you can see they’re putting their all into your relationship too, then they deserve your trust. Both parties need to be fully on board The other thing about a long distance relationship is that it naturally speeds up the progression of the relationship.

Prioritizing seeing each other in person when you can while you wait for the day when you can finally live in the same city. You’re not going to casually run into each other or see each other when your social circles overlap, so you need to be even more intentional about dating one another. Make the same recipe and compare notes while you eat “together.” Don’t let dates become an overthought just because you can’t physically go out for dinner together. Don’t limit your long-distance conversations to one medium. Find ways to make your long-distant significant other feel like a greater part of your life far away.

In fact, sometimes, just for a moment, a long distance relationship may seem romantic.

in early November, I knew my husband, Brian, wouldn't be following until Christmas, but New Jersey didn't seem that far away. When you're in a long-distance dating relationship, with no known end-date in sight, long distance can really suck.

While a month without my hubby might seem laughable, this wasn't my first time doing long distance, and it reminded me of some hard-earned lessons from my LDR days.

Text your partner a hilarious review when you leave the movies with friends. If you lived closer, these small things would be communicated more organically.

When you’re dating long-distance, you need to be intentional about making your partner feel present when they’re not.

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Find out what works best for you and try to stick to it.

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