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The first breakthrough in the disease came in the form of spinal cord injections of the newly approved drug nusinersen, which restores some motor function and prolongs life."If we can figure out what is going wrong, then maybe we can have combinatorial therapies -- one that raises SMN levels and one that helps neurons survive the challenge of too little SMN," Anne Hart, professor of neuroscience at Brown University, said in a press release.You may receive your treatment at a health care facility that you visit regularly, even if you do not see the same physician on each visit. We must have a description of a recent comprehensive evaluation including all areas of communication, performed by an acceptable medical source, to document a communication impairment associated with a neurological disorder.A communication impairment may occur when a medically determinable neurological impairment results in dysfunction in the parts of the brain responsible for speech and language.The disease affects one in 8,000 children and occurs when mutations in both copies of the gene responsible for the survival motor neuron, or SMN, protein stops its production resulting in the dysfunction of motor neurons that control muscles along with atrophy and weakness.In its most acute form, children die by age 2 when muscles that control breathing become compromised.is a genetic disease affecting the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement.Most of the nerve cells that control muscles are located in the spinal cord, which accounts for the word In the most common form of SMA (chromosome 5 SMA, or SMN-related SMA), there is wide variability in age of onset, symptoms and rate of progression.

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Researchers at Brown in collaboration with the University of Cologne Germany identified a complex cause-and-effect sequence in both C. Lacking SMN disrupts the working of the protein Gemin3, which lessens the activity of a particular micro RNA needed to prevent the overexpression of a motor neuron receptor known as m2R.

Too many m2R receptors caused by overexpression in SMA causes the motor neurons to be too sensitive to their acetylcholine output, which causes them to shut off its release prematurely affecting muscle function.

Children who display symptoms at birth or in infancy typically have the lowest level of functioning (type 1).

SMA onset in children (types 2 and 3), teens or adults (type 4) generally correlates with increasingly higher levels of motor function. Chromosome 5 SMA is caused by a deficiency of a motor neuron protein called , for “survival of motor neuron.” This protein, as its name implies, seems to be necessary for normal motor neuron function.

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