How to prevent flash from updating

Flash Player is a plug-in created by Adobe that is used to run videos, games and animations in the Adobe Flash format.

When a new version of the player is released, a window automatically pops up in the user's browser, requesting an update.

This has happened just since the most recent FF update.

PS - I am still using Adobe Acrobat 9 because when I tried the more recent versions they annoyed the heck out of me.

As a developer this is very annoying since a debug player is replaced with a non-debug player.

It is also an issue if you want your users to use a specific version of Flash Player instead of the built-in one.

In this article we outline how to uninstall Flash Player on Mac and the various Flash-fixes we've noted along the years. The newest is for OS X 10.6, but don’t worry, it covers all subsequent versions of the OS. Click Finish You may see a “Flash out-of-date” button on the web page, which when clicked directs you to visit Adobe’s website and download Flash from there. Apple will block Flash if the version on your system is out of date.

Launch the uninstaller from your Downloads folder on your Mac. Enter your admin password and close all your browsers. You will have to close any programs that also require Flash before you can install the update, click Close All 12. You may also see the alert: "Blocked Plug-in" when attempting to view Flash content in Safari. By stopping older versions of Flash from running Apple is able to guard against security vulnerabilities that could allow malware to be delivered to your Mac via Flash Player.

My husband uses & Loves Incredimail (not MY favorite) but the update constantly updates the Flash Player, which makes the Incredimail useless. Gratefully yours, Scooter You can test if you have the latest flash here Flash Player I would personally remove Flash from add remove programs, and forget about that site.

Security Bulletin: Manullay download: Microsoft Update...

I have the most current version of Adobe Flash and Firefox insists on constantly blocking it.

Adobe Flash has caused many problems in the past, with critical vulnerabilities being exposed right after the company releases security updates.

The security flaws have affected Flash for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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The version of Flash you are running so EXTREMELY out of date, which means you are VERY VERY vulnerable to many security risks. That is going to be the easiest and really best solution.

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