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By rubbing a rock against his flesh until he bleeds, the intensity of the friction leads him to orgasm.Heeding advice of his father, the boy follows suit, leading to more than one scene in which the characters moan in an unnerving combination of pleasure and pain. The director continually advances his subversive premise, with the boy discovering a new level of sexual satisfaction in cooperation with his new girlfriend by using a knife embedded in his back to innovative ends.Fortunately, there was an opportunity to move next door at semester break. He was kind of a goof-off but understood my subtle hint.Mike Sweney ’70 Fond du Lac, Wisconsin During the 1962–63 school year, a group of friends rented a house in the 500 block of West Mifflin (before the Nitty Gritty). Finally, he left for the nearby laundromat on University Avenue.It’s impossible to look away — not only because the sense of anticipation is so vivid, but because there’s no other way to follow the bizarre plot than keep with it.

Beginning with trivia about the changing role of the specksynder (literally, “fat-cutter”), who used to be chief harpooner and captain, Ishmael moves on to a discussion of onboard leadership styles.

Interested buyers would ask me all kinds of details about the car.

She also had a handgun that she kept in a locked box in her dresser.

If it’s R rated [targeted], you can basically do anything. This is the thing with a penis (holds out hand with fingers curled, and slowly flattens his palm), it’s like R, R, R, R, NC-17. If you want to flop, you flop left to right, not up and down.

“Cetology,” as Ishmael explains, is “the science of whales.” In this and subsequent science-centered chapters in the book, Ishmael attempts to classify whales scientifically.

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He notes that the dependence of whalers upon one another for successful hunting and therefore wages begets its own discipline, and that a whaling ship is less hierarchical than other vessels.

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